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Stan, Ned, Cartman, Jimbo and Kyle flee from the erupting volcano.The idea of an erupting volcano came from Hollywood disaster films such as Volcano and Dante's Peak (1997).Parker and Stone felt the computer animation in "Volcano" had greatly improved compared to the early episodes; they were particularly pleased with the lava, which was made to resemble orange construction paper."Volcano" received generally positive reviews and was nominated for a 1997 Environmental Media Award.

Meanwhile, the group is unaware that a nearby volcano is about to erupt.

Jimbo is less than impressed, telling Stan that he will always be his nephew but that "some things you do kill and some you don't." Stan does not understand, since Jimbo tried to kill Scuzzlebutt earlier.

Ned states that he now understands the folly of guns and drops his rifle, which accidentally fires, killing Kenny.

The lava then flows through the trench just as Randy planned, but due to a miscalculation he made, the trench leads the lava to Denver, destroying it.

However, in a misguided attempt to prove he can kill something and impress his uncle, Stan kills Scuzzlebutt.

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  1. On another hilltop, a group of men put up drywall in a new home, each man knowing they would also get help when they had saved up enough to build. Stretched out before him were the forested green hills of his father’s utopia.