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This satisfies the chronological difficulty mentioned above in relation to the first explanation.

However, why would the authors of the Codex omit any reference to such an obvious relationship?

It may have been attributed to them by later chroniclers to add credibility to the dynasty's authority.

The number of marriages with Muslim families in the early Navarre royal family suggest that Muslim influence persisted even after Pamplona had long been under Christian rule, at least until the early 10th century.

This, of course, assumes that the text of the Codex which has survived represents the complete version.

C shows that Garca was probably of a similar age to igo "Arista"'s grandchildren, and so evidently could not have been igo "Arista"'s brother. A, Arab sources which name igo "Arista" specify that his father was igo not Jimeno, although this is contradicted by a (dubious) charter of the monastery of Leire which does call him "Ennecorex, filius Simeonis".

"Jimeno", father of the brothers Garca and igo Jimnez (whose name is indicated only by the patronymic accorded to his sons), was the son of igo "Arista".

The description of the Iiga dynasty in the Codex starts with igo "Arista" and his children.

The chapter which follows deals with the Jimena dynasty, stating that Garca Jimnez and igo Jimnez were brothers without mentioning their father.

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