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Some women working in fields such as health care earn more than their logger husbands. And younger people like Kidwell are deciding to put down roots at Padanaram, where residents pay a week to live on communally owned land held in a trust overseen by seven trustees.

It’s a big commitment, the land can’t be sold and new homes are typically donated to the community.

There are homes that wouldn’t look out of place in an upscale subdivision.

Some work as loggers, but lawyers and nurses also commute to office jobs.

Nearby, a renovated community kitchen is open for meals, and a new pub-like gathering spot is being built.

Abby Hamilton, 23, from Loogootee, Ind., who started coming when her sister married a man from Padanaram, now lives in a large apartment in one of the old communal lodges. I felt like I was going into another world, and I thought – this is where I’m going to be the rest of my life.”While something elemental may have gone away, Pitzer said the secret to the community’s longevity is its willingness to evolve and compromise.

There's a family-like bond at morning coffees and cookouts, shared labor for new homes, and homebirths still attended by hymn-singing women.

On a hot day this summer, just shy of Padanaram’s 50th anniversary, dozens of residents and relatives from Padanaram spread out on the banks of a man-made lake, tiny children splashing in the water.

Under a shade tent, Sharon Kidwell, 27, watched her daughter start crying in a foot of water, but she didn’t have to make a move – another resident was soon grabbing the child in a family-like village where “everybody watches out for each other.”More than 15 years after Wright’s death, Padanaram has survived by evolving from commune to community.

This month, Commune Market comes back to you at naked HUB's flagship.

Once again, Shanghai's best designers and artists gather at the co-working space to feature an array of cool designs including jewelry, accessories, fashion, leather bags, creative housewares, children's clothing, green products, farm produce, artisan foods and craft beer made with love.

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