Current recordset does not support updating in vb6 5 online dating

The examples that follow next do not show opening or closing recordsets since that is unnecessary for action queries.There is also a small collection of SQL examples where you can see a wider variety of syntax.And you can copy and paste the data used in the examples from the table People ID First Name Last Name Hire Review Salary Sex Is Selected 1 Carla Dumont 9/4/87 10/2/99 ,249.82 F Yes 2 Andrew Frank 2/9/97 2/9/99 ,081.10 M Yes 3 Janet Lydell 6/25/94 6/25/99 ,875.00 F No 4 Margo Oniell 1/16/94 7/16/99 ,629.58 F Yes 5 Edward Jones 1/17/98 9/17/99 ,163.31 M No 6 Harry Jones 9/22/78 10/1/99 3,500.00 M Yes 7 Jane Doe 8/9/78 10/3/99 3,750.00 F Yes 8 Hugh Poynor 9/12/89 9/30/99 ,601.00 M No 9 Jane Deaux 9/8/87 10/3/99 ,368.71 F Yes If you have this document open, highlight all 9 data rows (above) and copy them to the clipboard.All the examples below use the object variable "rs" as this instance. The data fields can be addressed by index number, name, or variable as shown in the five columns below. Find "Last Name='Jones'", , ad Search Forward ' string constant - ADO Of course you will rarely write programs that use only constants.The Smith and Sussman textbook uses "rec" but you can use any variable name. There is an alternate syntax, shown next, for referencing fields that is faster. Most of the time your programs will use variables instead.

You can have all records or a few records placed into an array. For example, you could get the 10 earliest hires (names only) from tbl People into an array called Staff Names(1,9) in this way: You sometimes can choose between two methods of performing the same table manipulations: recordset programming or action queries (SQL).

These examples provide DAO programmers with a brief reference to ADO syntax.

You are the correct audience for this page if you are using ASP recordset programming.

And there is an example below of combining SQL and recordsets. Execute "UPDATE tbl People SET Is Selected = No;" Current DB.

Execute "UPDATE tbl People SET Salary = Salary*1.03 WHERE Sex='F';" Current DB.

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This is the starting place for both DAO and ADO recordset methods. Open "SELECT * FROM tbl Sample", Obj Conn, ad Open Keyset, ad Lock Pessimistic, ad Cmd Text This Cursor Type uses a dynamic cursor. This improves performance when you need to make only one pass through a recordset. The server does what is necessary to ensure successful editing of the records, usually by locking records at the data source immediately after editing. Find "pk People ID=2", , ad Search Forward ' numeric constant - ADO rs.

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