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To create the REVVcoin Innovative Ecosystem, large scale distribution network specialists including organizational leaders, designers, experts in the fields of building billing systems, experts in the laws and infrastructure of many countries, technical engineering and block chain engineering had teamed up together.

He is a logistics and marketing specialist with 19 years of Value Added Network business experience.

If you do not meet the target in ICO, only RECs as much as the gathered amount will be issued.

Unreleased RECs in the first round will be distributed through pre-sale to be carried out in the future. After completing the installation, register (E-mail to be used as ID / Password / Etherium address to be transferred / input quantity to send) 3.

In addition, he has developed a three-party logistics system, has patented it, and developed a variety of business models.

As CEO of REVV COIN, he plays a pivotal role in business-oriented business strategy.

He is in charge of overseeing mining via 7 applications.It increases module coupling with the block chain base and heightens module independency.will receive 3% additional incentives and the latter weeks participants will not receive additional incentive.He is a specialist in block chaining, and he has experience of developing and managing systems for e Bay / Yahoo Japan / Amazon / Joey Bay, developing the New York TPEP / LPEP center system.He serves as an expert architect for block chains and REVV systems.

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