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The mountain visibly shifted during the last nuclear test, which was recorded as a 6.3 magnitude earthquake.Since then, the area, which is not known for natural seismic activity, has had three more quakes.Just be consistent from week to week, and all those present will do a little "Simon Says" and follow your lead. Those being included in kiddush should be sure to answer "Amen" after the blessing of the wine ("borei peri ha-gafen"), and after the concluding blessing that follows.(We do not speak between the saying of a blessing and the fulfillment of the blessing.If you don't have a family custom, the choice is yours!Some people stand on Friday night while making kiddush because, on Friday night, we are like witnesses to the "coming in" of Shabbat.The tunnel was being built at the Punggye-ri test site when it collapsed, according to a report on Japan's TV Asahi citing an unnamed source in North Korea.

(On Shabbat day there is no "coming in" to witness, so some people choose to make kiddush while seated.) Other people sit both Friday night and Shabbat day.The broadcaster said the collapse took place around 10 September.South Korea's Yonhap news agency said the report did not provide further details, including when the incident occurred.From the time the sun sets (or, for a woman, once the candles are lit), until after kiddush is made, one should not eat or drink anything. The table should be set with both challahs on the table, covered on top and below (e.g.a challah cover on top, and the challah board below). You should use a special kiddush cup that holds at least 4 1/2 ounces. The one making kiddush should have in mind to include the others in the blessings; thus kiddush is being made on their behalf.

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