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The Columbus Lighthouse – Faro a Colón – with an approximate cost of 400 million Dominican pesos and amidst great controversy, The Ozama river flows 148 kilometers before emptying into the Caribbean Sea.Santo Domingo's position on its banks was of great importance to the city's economic development and the growth of trade during colonial times.

The Dominican Restoration War began in 1863 however, and in 1865 the country was free again after Spain withdrew.Today, Santo Domingo is the Dominican Republic's major metropolis, and is the largest city in the Caribbean by population.Please note: When this article refers to Santo Domingo it is most likely referring to the Greater Santo Domingo Area (Distrito Nacional plus Santo Domingo Province). N.", which strictly refers to the city proper, i.e., excluding the surrounding province of Santo Domingo.(land of high mountains), which Columbus named Hispaniola.It includes the part now occupied by the Republic of Haiti.

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