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Tor – The Onion Router – uses ‘onion routing’ to add extra security to counter online tracking.It can be hard to get your head round the networking concepts but offers another level of obfuscation for privacy fans.Using the Tor Browser can be a slow experience and some people have objections about the system due to associations with illegal online activities.You may find Tor exit nodes are blocked from accessing some online sites and services as a result of concerns about who is using the system and for what purposes. Smartphone and devices: There’s no doubt that having a device in your pocket offers instant communication options over multiple networks and access to the internet.If you use work equipment for completing personal tasks, be aware that your employer may monitor your online activities and how you use devices and systems provided to you.That could include your email account, your work laptop and/or smartphone.Many of us now – often unintentionally – contribute metadata to the various services we use.

In today's technology-driven world, "innovation" has become a basic expectation.

Your browsing history – the sites you visit – and ‘cookies’ that record elements of your activity are just two examples of the data your browser may be collating by default.

Whilst you’re dabbling with plugins, look for options like ‘No Script’ for Firefox to prevent malicious scripts from running on your system or HTTPS Everywhere, a Firefox, Chrome and Opera extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites.

Fill out that competition entry form with your name, interests and address, etc and the organiser is guaranteed to win as your personal information can be sold on to others or targeted with spam.

Think through the odds of winning the prize versus the value of the data you give away.

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Scammers are just as keen to build and sell on marketing lists as commercial organisations that follow international best practice on privacy.

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