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Mc Kelvie's review of studies of the reliability of the VVIQ shows that it is adequate but not overwhelmingly impressive. Ahsen, have argued that "vividness" is not a stable trait, but varies considerably from time to time, and Mc Kelvie appears to be somewhat sympathetic to this view.

Statement (1) identifies the distinctive feature of self-knowledge as the epistemic status of a certain class of beliefs, whereas statement (2) identifies it by the method one uses in forming these beliefs.

These accounts have important consequences for a broad range of philosophical issues, especially issues in epistemology and the philosophy of mind.

This entry focuses on knowledge of one’s own particular mental states.

Vividness of visual imagery: Measurement, nature, function and dynamics. Mc Kelvie followed by several reviews of that article, and finally followed by an author's response. Marks defined vividness in terms of "clarity and liveliness" as well as similarity to "the actual percept." The original version of the VVIQ asked participants to think of a series of situations, and to "consider the picture that comes before your mind's eye" in each case.

This book consists of a target article by Stuart J. Marks who invented the Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ) in 1972.

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