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Bradley Cooper as Ben, the talent show's producer and Mc Kinley's crew socks-wearing lover. Kevin Sussman as Steve, the outcast who talks like a robot and has a supernatural talent. Nina Hellman as Nancy, the married counselor with a bad case of vaginal dryness.Ken Marino as Victor, the 'fro-sporting virgin who acts like a he's pollinated every "berry bush" at Camp Firewood. Alongside the returning cast members will be a bunch of well-regarded actors willing to humiliate themselves by playing teenagers in tiny shorts.The original trailer only saw fit to call out five actors by name—Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Paul Rudd, Christopher Meloni, and Molly Shannon.

Here's everyone returning for another summer at Camp Firewood: Janeane Garofalo as Beth, the air-quoting camp counselor with a thing for nerdy professorial types. At the time, it seemed as likely as Coop hooking up with Katie. The original was a commercial flop and, sure, it had attained great word of mouth on video, but would that really be enough to secure financing?And more importantly, was there any way to bring back the former nobodies who'd turned into somebodies since the original was released? Though it was originally conceived as a feature, the sequel, which is actually a prequel, would eventually find a home at Netflix, allowing it to be stretched out into an eight-episode season.Josh Charles playing another counselor from Tigerclaw. John Slattery playing Claude Dumet, a theater director who comes to Camp Firewood to put on a production.Jason Schwarzman playing the head boys counselor at Tigerclaw. Randall Park playing a librarian who's fallen for the lovelorn Gail. Lake Bell playing Donna, who we know nothing about.

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