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Many have by now (I’ve spoken to some, at least) and their customers might still just be running an out of date version – call your suppliers.Starting in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, we made removal of the SMB1 feature possible and trivially easy.These will only affect the average business or user if you let them. We work carefully with partners in the storage, printer, and application spaces all over the world to ensure they provide at least SMB2 support and have done so with annual conferences and plugfests for six years. If you have older servers than WS2012 R2, now is good time to talk upgrade.Vendors are moving to upgrade their SMB2 support – see here: https://aka.ms/stillneedssmb1 For the ones who aren’t, their competitors are. Ok, that’s a bit extortionist – now is the time to talk to your blue teams, network teams, and other security folks about if and where they are seeing SMB1 usage on the network. If you still don’t know because this is a smaller shop, run your own network captures on a sample of your servers and clients, see if SMB1 appears.Automatic Maintenance consolidates many different features that each used to manage its own scheduling and execution logic.This consolidation allows for all these components to use far less system resources, work consistently, respect the new Connected Standby state for new device types, and consume less battery on portable devices.The original SMB1 protocol is nearly 30 years old, and like much of the software made in the 80’s, it was designed for a world that no longer exists.A world without malicious actors, without vast sets of important data, without near-universal computer usage.

The recommended way to upgrade a domain is to promote domain controllers that run newer versions of Windows Server and demote older domain controllers as needed.Disabling Oplocks is not recommended by Microsoft, but required by some older software, often due to using legacy database technology.Windows 10 RS3 and Windows Server 2016 RS3 allow a special oplock override workaround now for these scenarios – see This is only a workaround – just like SMB1 oplock disable is only a workaround – and your vendor should update to not require it.Note: we highly recommend you map drives and printers for your users instead of enabling this feature, which still requires searching and browsing for their devices. Mapped resources are easier for them to locate, require less training, and are safer to use, especially when provided automatically through group policy.

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Windows 10 RS3 (Fall Creators Update) and Windows Server 2016 RS3 have SMB1 uninstalled by default under most circumstances: https://aka.ms/smb1rs3. Make sure you check https://aka.ms/stillneedssmb1 for products that may require updates or replacement to be used without the need for SMB1.

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